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Writing stories to build up your family in a crumbling world

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“In a world of two hundred and eighty character social media posts, we desperately need to cultivate again our holy imaginations through good reading; especially with our children.  In The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium, Dustin Leimgruber takes us into a world of fantasy where a mystical book and supernatural powers are real and the journey is the cost of daring to believe.  This is an inspiring fictional world the whole family can enjoy.  As I read the Chronicles of Narnia with my children, I look forward to reading the Sanctus Chronicles with my grandchildren.”

Rev. Dr. D. Dean Weaver

Stated Clerk

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church

The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium is a thought provoking page-turner through and through. It possesses the allegorical depth and complexity to challenge and entertain even the most advanced readers, yet the magical fairytale-like plot that captures and delights the imaginations of children. The short stories and poems within the book are true masterpieces, beautifully crafted and worthy of their own accord to be stand-alone tales. In a fun and light hearted manner, Leimgruber manages to convey deep spiritual truths of enough gravity to sober those who pause to ponder them. This book is a rare gem to be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

-.Anna Gehring

D. P. Leimgruber demonstrates his depth of imagination in his book The Sanctus Chronicles. With a broad range of vocabulary coupled with fascinating poetic verse, Leimgruber takes readers on an adventure that combines Hogwarts with Narnia. Anyone who delights in the genre produced by Rowling and Lewis will be sure to enjoy the journey of the Sanctus children at Tradium. I highly recommend this fanciful tale.

-Darren Kloepper

Leimgruber has masterfully sculpted a world that captured my attention on page one, and continued to reel me in as the story unfolded. I quickly became invested in the children, and it was a delight to ride along on their adventures, but his fanciful stories within the story are where Leimgruber really shines. This is a delightful debut novel and it is equally fitting for children as for adults. I'm eagerly awaiting the next volume.

-Alina Loux

As a reader of fantasy, The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium, is full of adventure and fun that keeps me coming back for more. It transports me to another world while echoing the themes of my own and resetting them to the stuff of magic and fairy tales. As a dad, the Sanctus Chronicles presents me with a lens through which to teach about life’s hard stuff; pointing me to courage and hope that’s needed by us all in the face of many trials. As a Pastor, this book is a gem. It contains a thoroughly Christian outlook intermingled with art: it is a powerful combination for helping people to see gospel truth.

-Andy Gilman

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