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                         The significance of the chuppa

     The chuppa is an ancient Jewish symbol used in weddings. The bride and groom stand under a canopy that is covered on the top, but open on all four sides.

     The covering on top of the chuppah represents that the bride and groom are starting their own covenant household which is distinct from the community. They will create their own bond and pray to be blessed with children to raise up in a unique family culture.

     The openness of the chuppa symbolizes that although the family is separate, they are blessed in order to be a blessing to their community. The couple has unique gifts to be passed onto their children and all they come to meet.

     The scroll underneath the chuppa represents the Scriptures that have been given to lead the family. They are to learn what love means by impressing these words into themselves, and their children.

     Chuppa Press exists to share unique family literary culture with the community. May all of the stories you read through this press be a blessing from one covenant family to another, and point to the great story and its Maker.

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